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How to Create Your Own White Label Media Channel

How to Create Your Own White Label Media Channel

What’s a “white label media channel” and why does your restaurant need one?

white labelWell, white label media channels are one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your business without breaking the bank on impressions. Digital out of home placement is creating new opportunities every day in this exciting space.

White label products or brands are defined as being made by one company but available to others for rebranding to appear as if they made them. Smart! Everyone’s used white label products and services before, and in many instances you may not even know it. Store brand snacks, for example, are often made by big brand snack makers using the exact same recipe as the original but simply repackaged in a way that brands them differently. Everybody wins.

What exactly is a white label media channel?

Media channels when used in advertising are, generally, “channels” of digital advertisements, information, and entertainment that are streamed to consumers. If you’ve ever watched a closed-circuit TV station while getting your car fixed or seen a loop of before and after photos on the dentist’s waiting room TV, you’ve been privy to a media channel.

Real estate for sale on the bar caddyWhite label channels, more specifically, involve branding and the good news is, there are tons of companies out there already producing media channel content who are ready and willing to sell it to brands to be repackaged!

Let’s say you’re a bar owner and you’ve recently purchased a set of bar top digital Bar Caddies and you need content to display on the units. You can either spend lots of time creating your own content or you can simply purchase someone else’s content (i.e. looping weather information, fun facts, entertainment snippets) and repurpose it for your brand. Interspersing the white label media content with your own advertisements as well as ads from other local and national businesses helps defray the costs of buying into a white label media channel. In many cases, digital advertising companies often offer their own white label content solutions specifically tailored to certain businesses.

Another option is to create a white label media channel yourself.

If you’ve got someone on staff who loves to work with video, coding, or create interesting content you may just want to make your own branded channel! As a bar owner you could come up with a catchy name for your channel (“Motion Pitchers”, etc.) and use it within your own restaurants. Furthermore, you could even sell the use of your channel and content to other bar owners who may want to repurpose it for their own branded efforts. It’s a two-way street!

White Label Media ChannelThe best digital advertising solutions offer lots of options when it comes to implementing and changing content. Media Caddy, for example, allows restaurateurs to use an existing media channel filled with infotainment, other ads, and relevant content while giving them ad space of their own to utilize in-house. Solutions like this help spread out the cost of the digital product itself among relevant advertisers and allow the restaurateur or bar owner themselves to purchase the product for pennies on the dollar.

Creating a white label product, media channel, or service takes time and effort but it can be done! If it’s not something you have the manpower to devote to regularly, however, it may be a better idea simply to buy into someone else’s channel and simply brand it as your own. There are numerous options out there for digital advertisers, from totally hands-off to active participant. What you decide will greatly depend on your business and your marketing goals.

Digital advertising offers unprecedented opportunities for marketers and businesses alike! Restaurant digital ads, in particular, have incredibly high dwell times and excellent point of sale data.

Is it time you ask yourself what your business is missing out on without utilizing digital advertising?