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How to Capture the Attention of Restaurant Customers

How to Capture the Attention of Restaurant Customers

Restaurants are stimulating environments by design. The colors, the smells, the never-ending menu…how can advertisers ever hope to capture the attention of diners in such an already-crowded environment?

There are, of course, traditional ways to advertise specifically to restaurant customers. Mom-and-pop shops like the sell ad space on the back of printed menus while some eateries have table tents featuring specials and other local business ads. But with over 990,000 restaurants to choose from in the United States alone, how can you ever hope to capture diners’ attention?

Why Restaurants?

People are bombarded with advertisements all day, every day. People living in cities are exposed to somewhere between 4,000-5,000 ads per day so standing out is impossible, right? As it turns out, the trick isn’t reinventing the wheel when it comes to advertisements. In fact, studies show that in many cases, it’s the most straightforward (read: boring) ads that tend to have the most impact.

No, the key isn’t breaking the mold. It’s finding a way to get potential customers to engage and connect with your ad which is indeed no small task. Restaurants present a unique opportunity to reach a captive, willing audience and digital advertising is quickly finding ways to reach this audience. Restaurants are one of the last places we sit still, we wait, we absorb. In a hurried world, restaurants are the holy grail for advertisers.

Happy Restaurant Bar Customers

Connecting With Customers

There are several relatively new digital solutions to restaurant advertising. The key is creating an ad that’s unobtrusive, but welcome when a diner is bored, waiting on their food, or simply killing time. That’s where digital out of home advertising comes in. Sure, digital mobile ads are one thing (and who hasn’t dined with a rude smartphone surfer?) but that space is crowded. Placing your ad in the restaurant itself means unparalleled access that doesn’t interfere with the pleasantries of the dining experience.

Media Caddy’s bar caddy, a revolutionary DOOH product, bridges this gap. We create high-tech tabletop displays that entertain diners with a mix of infotainment, national ads, and restaurant-specific specials, all contained in one sleek, useful unit. Media Caddy’s target audience offers an unparalleled 52 minute dwell time on average, from the time a diner sits down to the moment they pay the check. And if you’re wondering whether these tabletop ads really work? Well, new research proves digital ads at the point-of-purchase (particularly combined with a mobile website) results in unplanned purchases 19% of the time.

Capturing Diners’ Attention

Smart advertisers realize they have to strike a balance between information, advertisements, and engaging content when it comes to digital out of home marketing. Tabletop units like Media Caddy combine useful features like cell phone chargers and condiment holders with up-to-date info on weather and news that keeps diners engaged. That way, when they’re exposed to an ad the transition feels natural and unforced, and they’re more receptive to the message.

Better yet, studies show when brands combine these digital impressions with further engagement opportunities like a social media contest, mobile ads, or even QR codes, engagement goes even higher. By decreasing the time and effort between the ad and the purchasing decision, everyone wins. Restaurants see an increase of 25-125% in food purchases, advertisers get hundreds of impressions per hour, and customers get to engage with an entertaining platform while waiting on their food.

So, is digital out of home advertising the next best way to capture restaurant patrons’ attention? All signs point to yes.