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16 Ways to Put Your Digital Signage to Work

16 Ways to Put Your Digital Signage to Work

Digital signage is fast becoming the gold standard of the advertising industry. Statistics show that digital signs capture over 400% more views than traditional signage and have a nearly 50% digital bar advertisinggreater impact on overall brand awareness.

If you’re utilizing (or thinking of utilizing) digital signage for your business, make sure it’s doing all the heavy lifting you expect it to be. Here are 16 ways to put your digital signage to work for you.

  1. Upsell with Signage Digital signage is known for its point-of-purchase impact. Use it to upsell the consumer once they’re already in the buying phase of the purchasing funnel by suggesting an additional item or even offering a coupon for purchases over $X amount.
  2. Give Info Well-placed digital signage can provide useful information to consumers that personnel would otherwise have to provide themselves. Particularly in restaurants, digital menus are cheered by customers for being easy-to-ready and understand.
  3. Entertain Clients Does your average customer have to wait? Whether you run a doctor’s office or a bar and grill, the time your customers spend waiting is valuable. Infotainment channels on multimedia digital players increase retention and customer satisfaction.
  4. Encourage Engagement People love seeing themselves on screen. Use your digital space to ask customers to advertise for you by Instagramming with your business’s’ hashtag or Tweeting directly at corporate. Display their notes and photos on interior screens for an added boost.
  5. Digitize Your Caddies Digital signage doesn’t have to be flat. Digital bar caddies offer the best of both worlds: A place to store napkins and condiments and a screen to engage your customers. Media Caddy tabletop caddies even offer smartphone charging capabilities for your customers to utilize!
  6. Target Your Traffic Digital signage is most useful when it gets a lot of impressions. Consider where your business gets the most traffic (The waiting room? The bar area?) and focus your digital efforts there.
  7. Get Specific Use different signage around your business to target different customer phases. In a restaurant, digital signs can display the menu at-counter while tabletop media displays offer drink specials and dessert ideas.
  8. Be Flexible One of the best features of digital is its inherent flexibility. Change up your digital messaging weekly, daily, or even hourly to reflect what’s new or on sale. It’s a strategy that will keep customers watching.
  9. Bring in Ad Revenue Did you know that in-house digital advertising vehicles can net you ad dollars? By offering local businesses ad space on your digital signage and/or white label media content reel you can offset the entire cost of the equipment.
  10. Go Small By 2021 there will be over 80 million digital signs on display around the world. In an increasingly-cluttered field, smaller can be better! Small personal screens give a feeling of exclusivity and make consumers feel like the message they’re receiving is just for them.
  11. Design with Signs Signage at your place of business should enhance, not detract from, the décor. Use the same colors, logos, and fonts on digital and traditional messaging platforms to tie the vibe together.
  12. Consider Dwell Time Take advantage of dwell times within your business by reaching otherwise unengaged customers via digital. The longer they watch, the more chances you have to expose them to your brand messaging.
  13. Invite Spontaneity Nearly 33% of people say they’ve made unplanned purchases after seeing a product advertised on digital media. Show off lesser-known items to create impulse buying conditions.
  14. Boost Recall Digital signage has one of the highest “recall rates” in the industry. Consumers who see a brand advertised on digital are more likely to remember it long term.
  15. Plan Campaigns Digital campaigns can be planned ahead because they’re easy to change. Use a designer to create placeholder content you fill in later with details.
  16. Outsource Content Creating a white label media channel you air digitally means you can outsource the content production altogether. Ask advertisers to present their own branded content in a certain format and simply string it all together for a comprehensive ad experience.

Media Caddy is innovating digital signage one tabletop caddy at a time. With unparalleled dwell times and dozens of applications, Media Caddy’s digital solutions are a smart play in today’s crowded market.

Want more info? Give the Media Caddy team a call.


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