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How Bars Can Increase Sales with Digital Signage

How Bars Can Increase Sales with Digital Signage

The bar industry is booming. With almost 70,000 bars and taverns in the U.S. alone and more opening every day, bar owners are clamoring for ways to increase traffic and get more customers through the door.

The secret weapon of successful proprietors?
Digital signage.

digital signage can increase salesDigital signage is the advertising medium of the future and it’s well-suited for the bar and restaurant industry. Here are a few ways bar owners can use digital out-of-home advertising to increase their sales on-site.

Digital Drink Menus

It may seem obvious, but in a bar setting, suggestion is key! Prominently-displayed digital drink menus – particularly at sports bars where they fit in among the TVs – are a great way to make specialty drinks top-of-mind in your customers’ heads. They save your bartenders time, too, when they don’t have to list off the beers on draft or the shot specials of the evening to every new customer. What customer wouldn’t prefer a well-lit, nightly-changing drinks menu to a sticky plastic Beer Specials list?

Custom Promos

Bar sales are fast-moving and staying on top of the game means changing specials nightly if not hourly. On-table digital signage can provide point-of-sale placement, giving customers easy access to up-to-the-minute specials they can take advantage of at the moment. Digital signage in bars that changes for happy hour, food specials, and even runs promotions (i.e. “Free Order of Wings for Every Table if the Steelers Win the Game!”) is a great way to bolster loyalty to your particular establishment.

Digital Enhances Social

Social media is the best thing to happen to bar and tavern advertising since the coaster. Encouraging customers to share photos on them enjoying your bar while in the establishment is an easy way to draw in customers and thus, more sales. Customers love to see photos of themselves streamed live to digital signs posted around the bar, and when they see themselves pop up in branded bar ads on digital caddies they’re likely to post again.

Infotainment Makes Customers Stay Longer

Not every bar is built for fast-paced dance parties and Shots! Shots! Shots! Some bars are a little more low-key, and getting customers to dwell at the table or bar is critical to sales. Digital signage has been shown to increase point-of-sale purchases, and specific solutions like Media Caddy’s tabletop bar caddies provide a mix of “infotainment” that keeps customers from getting bored. Add in utilities like pop-up coupons and a built-in phone charger and you can bet on your per-table sales to increase.

Cross-Promotional Sales

Digital ads in-bar that work to cross-promote other local or relevant businesses can be a great second-stream of revenue for bar owners. Imagine a scrolling ad reel that touts your non-food serving bar’s nightly drink specials, followed by an add from a local burger joint that’s open late. Digital ads are easier to manage and change than traditional advertising mediums which makes them an excellent resource for small companies that just want to use your audience to cross-promote their services.

Digital signage for bars isn’t just trendy, it works. The dimly-lit atmosphere of most bars lends itself naturally to the eye-catching visual appeal of screen-based ads, particularly when they’re well designed and simple to read. Digital ads are cost-effective, flexible, and highly-adaptive to their environment which makes them a natural choice for bar owners everywhere.

The Media Caddy Bar Caddy can help you increase sales by 15% right at the bar and get customers to “dwell” for an average of 52 minutes at a time. Those are some serious impressions.

For more information on how Media Caddy’s tech-forward digital solutions can help your bar or tavern succeed, give our team a call today.



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