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Digital Out of Home Advertising is Not Yo’ Mama’s Billboard

Digital Out of Home Advertising is Not Yo’ Mama’s Billboard

digital billboardThe growth of digital advertising has been swift.

It’s meteoric rise began in the 1990s with the first online banner ads and today includes everything from interactive smartphone pop-ups to tabletop digital display devices. It’s a brave new world out there.

So, do all these newfangled digital ads really work? The good news is, statistics surrounding digital advertising prove the medium’s more than a flash in the pan. People are more responsive, more engaged, and more receptive to this type of advertising than other traditional methods and that’s great news for advertisers and businesses alike.

Here are a few of the most promising digital advertising statistics to know:

“Digital Advertising” is a pretty broad category and includes lots of different types of media. Of course, many people associate the term with online banner ads, social media marketing, and even email marketing, but that’s only part of the marketing puzzle. In fact, Digital Out-of-Home Advertising (DOOH) is the fastest-growing segment in the industry as marketers realize its potential.

Billboards are, of course, the classic “out-of-home” advertising vehicle. Digital billboards are highly effective: 83% of viewers can recall at least one digital billboard ad they’ve seen within a month. And they’re hyper-local too, with about three-fourths of all digital billboards advertising local businesses or services.

Digital Out-of-Home Advertising is far broader than billboards, however, and is a $3 billion dollar industry. The medium includes some pretty interesting, innovative media outlets that are reaching potential customers in brand new ways:

Bar Caddy with ChargerBar and Restaurant Caddy: With the longest dwell times in the DOOH market (nearly an hour) and delivering literally hundreds of impressions per hour, tabletop restaurant caddies with digital screens are a major player in the industry. Some, like the Media Caddy line of products, even come equipped with condiment holders and cell phone chargers!

Gas Station TV: Small digital TV screens imbedded in gas pumps are reaching over 50,000,000 people a year, providing everything from weather updates to celebrity gossip and reaches a highly-specific niche of drivers.

subway adPublic Transportation Ads: Bus stops and subway cars are a prime source of captive, bored audiences and advertisers love the high impressions these digital ads provide. Many encourage on-site interaction by providing unique coupons, website, or QR codes for viewers to engage with.

The point is, digital advertising is a long way from yo’ mama’s billboard. Gone are the days when peeling signage and sun-faded sandwich boards were as good as it got; today’s digital ads are fun, totally responsive, and content-driven which has been statistically shown to be more memorable. If your business has been looking for a new, groundbreaking way to advertise, digital out-of-home might be the right place to start.

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