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Using Your Mobile Phone at Casual Dining Restaurants and Taverns

Using Your Mobile Phone at Casual Dining Restaurants and Taverns

smart phone - bar caddyWe live in a world where not staying connected with one another is simply not tolerated and, in fact, at times actively discouraged. Information just moves too quickly nowadays, and if you aren’t plugged into your phone, you’ll be sure to miss out on “something”—though it remains to be seen whether that something is legitimately important news or an original meme that you’re about to start seeing a whole lot of very soon. In other words, heavy cellphone use is a product of the age, though defining good and bad use is a little trickier to do, especially when 110 percent of young adults you see out at restaurants and bars are glued to them.

Instead, it’s much easier to take a look at “how” they’re used and how you can take advantage for your bar or restaurant.

If You Want More Customers, Increase Your Online Presence

Sure, most of the time if you see someone playing around on the phone, you can probably take a pretty good guess that they are doing absolutely nothing of merit (along the lines of: they’re texting a buddy about something silly, or looking up racy pictures of one another). Sometimes when you spot that couple at the end of the bar or in a corner booth on their phones, however, odds are they’re trying to figure out their next move, and using their phones to do it.

It’s simple modern day marketing, really. If you want to attract more customers to your bar or restaurant, you need to have a mobile-friendly online presence complete with reviews, ratings and perhaps even a reservations app. At the very least, you want to give people an outlet to express how nice your establishment is. Furthermore, when you see a young customer on the phone, what’s so hard about asking him or her to quickly go to your website to leave a nice review?

Give Your Customers a Little More Control

After you’ve got your existing customers headed towards your mobile-friendly website, you’ll want to keep them ensnared by offering them even more control over their dining experience. Allowing them the ability to place orders and settle up tabs with the use of a mobile device or tableside tablet is a particularly great way to go. If you think about it, young people are going to be on their phones regardless, so as with your online presence, you’ll want to give them a house-provided service that keeps them engaged electronically or else you’re bound to lose them entirely.

Where Does Media Caddy Come In?

MediaCaddy Bar CaddyThis is all really a roundabout way of saying that young people are attached to their phones at the hips, and as a casual dining or bar owner, you need to be on top of connecting with this super-connected audience—and playing to their preferences, i.e. mobile and screen-based technology, might just be the perfect way to go.

This is where Media Caddy comes in. A producer of top of the line digital advertising installations, Media Caddy’s main line of products includes the multimedia, fully functional bar-top service station with a built-in digital display. These resemble many of the same bar caddies you’d find anywhere else, though with those blatant digital differences. In effect, you have another advertising option, akin to a coaster or a glass with logos printed on them. What separates the Media Caddy Bar Caddy, however, is its striking applicability to today’s mobile-friendly generation.

You’re essentially fighting fire with fire. Young people glued to their phones simply aren’t stimulated by the same kinds of advertisements you may have used a decade ago. They want flashing lights and touch screens, and the Media Caddy Bar Caddy can provide exactly that. Just set these up directly in front of patrons and program them to advertise and show whatever you want. Our advice? Put some of your best food or drink on the display screen, and see if people don’t start ordering a lot more of it.

The goal is basically to help you build a smarter, stronger business that can effectively take advantage of the changing scope of the clientele.

Appease Your Tech Savvy Customers with the Tech Savvy Bar Caddy

One of the truly great things about the Media Caddy Bar Caddy is that it’s tailored for the for heavy phone users. Not only can these be used to satisfy a variety of restaurant and bar-related tasks (such as a condiment, napkin or straw holder), but they also come with specialty outlets to keep that phone charged and running.

Let’s face it—most young people run their phone batteries into the ground, and a lot of people will go home for the sole intention of recharging their phone. Keep them at your establishment instead. Think about it this way too: the longer they’re sitting at the Bar Caddy waiting for their phone to come back on, that’s more digital advertisements you can deliver, which will mean higher revenue for you in the long run.

The Research Backs Us Up

If you’re a little more traditional, and are still having doubts about the products Media Caddy can provide, you should rest assured that the research is on our side. Simply installing a couple of Bar Caddies in your place of business has been shown to account for an increase of up to a whopping 125 percent in internal food sales, and many of these are unplanned purchases.

That is really where Media Caddy shines. Studies have shown that this digital out-of-home (DOOH) marketing strategy will eclipse more traditional methods within five years, which is unsurprising considering how effective digital displays with powerful visuals can be at the point of purchase. Keep in mind that up to 20 percent of all people make an unplanned purchase after interacting with a DOOH fixture. Why not jump into that market?

Contact a Representative at Media Caddy to Learn More Today

Hopefully you’re curious to learn more about how a Media Caddy Bar Caddy could promote your restaurant or bar. If so, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a representative at Media Caddy today to find out other ways in which our services and products can help you.

We want to assist in ushering you into the new age of marketing and sales, so let’s get started together.


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