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Author: mediacaddy

Media Caddy: The latest in Digital Out of Home Advertising

Place-Based Advertising: The Next Big Thing in Out-of-Home Media Caddy

The internet hasn’t been kind to traditional advertising. In fact, all but one advertising medium has seen a slow but steady decline since 2008, when digital advertising began to truly chip away at vehicles like television, radio, and print. The one outlier? Out of home advertising. Sustained Growth in Out-of-Home Advertising Out of Home (OOH) […]

Using Your Mobile Phone at Casual Dining Restaurants and Taverns

We live in a world where not staying connected with one another is simply not tolerated and, in fact, at times actively discouraged. Information just moves too quickly nowadays, and if you aren’t plugged into your phone, you’ll be sure to miss out on “something”—though it remains to be seen whether that something is legitimately […]