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Author: Heather

Media Caddy: The latest in Digital Out of Home Advertising

Digital Out of Home Advertising is Not Yo’ Mama’s Billboard

The growth of digital advertising has been swift. It’s meteoric rise began in the 1990s with the first online banner ads and today includes everything from interactive smartphone pop-ups to tabletop digital display devices. It’s a brave new world out there. So, do all these newfangled digital ads really work? The good news is, statistics […]

How to Capture the Attention of Restaurant Customers

Restaurants are stimulating environments by design. The colors, the smells, the never-ending menu…how can advertisers ever hope to capture the attention of diners in such an already-crowded environment? There are, of course, traditional ways to advertise specifically to restaurant customers. Mom-and-pop shops like the sell ad space on the back of printed menus while some […]