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10 Companies Killing it With Digital Signage  

10 Companies Killing it With Digital Signage  

Digital signage is becoming a more and more common line item among advertising budgets worldwide. The industry grew over 13% in 2013 alone! With expansion among various industries and creatives paying more attention to the medium of digital, certain companies are starting to set themselves apart. Here are 10 companies and business we think are killing it with their digital signage efforts.

1. Passenger Bar

Located in one of the trendiest districts of Madrid, Passenger Bar is a coffee shop-cum-watering hole that’s designed to feel like the inside of a luxurious rail car. Large digital screens are placed around the restaurant to look like windows and they’re constantly scrolled with real footage of train car windows, giving diners the feeling of movement and travel. It’s genius.


Image: Parolio.com

2. City Colleges of Chicago

Sometimes digital signage is less exciting and more useful, and that’s okay! City Colleges of Chicago know their target market (read: tech-savvy millennials) and they’ve made a big push to place digital LCD screens all throughout campus that post useful information on registration dates, upcoming campus events, and even the weather.

3. Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin’s really on the cutting edge of digital signage. They’ve recently installed digital menu boards in restaurants across the U.S. and the content they’re using is eye-catching and informational, a perfect combo. Customers can expect to see everything from movie trailers to slow-mo videos of coffee pouring to Dunkin’s own specials while they’re waiting on their order to be taken.

4. British Airways

For some reason, DOOH advertising translates really well to air travel. British Airways ran a campaign called #lookup earlier this year that synced massive digital billboards in Piccadilly Circus with real-time flight takeoffs and landings. The campaign was heavily integrated with social and struck a chord with Brits for its imaginative use of digital screen space.

British Airways

5. Wal-Mart

Are you really surprised the world’s largest retailer is utilizing digital signage? Wal-Mart has a good handle on Point of Sale signage and they use it frequently to display their own store-brand products. Customers will find digital solutions all throughout the store, in aisles, above produce stands, and even in the parking lot! Wal-Mart is constantly refreshing its take on DOOH which is why they’re killing it.

6. Ebay

Ebay is now experimenting in what they call “Digital Storefronts” and it’s a cool idea, to say the least. Digital branded displays at the Westfield Shopping Mall in San Francisco give window shoppers the option to scroll, click, and buy directly through the digital storefront. Once shoppers find a product they want to order the signs transfer the whole transaction to the safety of a smartphone. It’s a great way to fill up empty store space and sell some product via one of the web’s biggest retailers. Smart, Ebay.

Image: Ebay.com

Image: Ebay.com

7. 1st Bank

If one thing’s for sure, 1st Bank knows its audience. New Denver Airport digital sign solutions from the financial company take advantage of a captive, bored audience by offering free QR code downloads of everything from classic literature to crossword puzzles to Sudoku challenges. Brilliant! They’ve also tied the campaign in with real-life installations of treadmills, an airport playground to tire out children, and mock holiday gift displays.

8. Adidas

Adidas unveiled a new digital product wall at a couple of trade shows in late 2013 that aims to expand their product inventory in retail locations. The digital LCD “wall” shows off the brand’s latest shoe concepts from various angles and is touch-screen compatible so shoppers can move the shoes around as they would a real product.

9. Benetton

United Colors of Benetton has always been at the cutting edge of advertising and they’re really creating some chatter around their most recent DOOH windows. The huge installations show off the brand’s new clothes and even invite passersby to interact (selfies, anyone?) and they’re so popular they’ve been recognized by the Digital Signage Expo’s APEX Award.

10. Media Caddy

Okay fine, this one’s a shameless plug, but we’re pretty darn proud of what we’re bringing to the digital signage industry! Not to toot our own horns, but we were named the best small screen format digital display in the 2012 DigiAwards and our new tabletop concepts feature even more added utility for restaurant patrons. Not only do our solutions hold condiments, straws, and other restaurant accouterments but the digital displays also offer cell phone charging functionality which keeps users engaged for longer periods of time.

The Bar Caddy


So, what digital signage have you noticed in your area lately? It’s an industry that changes weekly and it’s super-exciting to see so many great creative ideas popping up.